I learned how to replace a light fixture by checking out some books at the library. I did some more research on the web and at the big box home improvement shops and then it was show time. Between reading and research, I put together a sequence for how the installation should go. I still wasn't prepared for the light… » 3/24/12 10:14pm 3/24/12 10:14pm

I read somewhere that the new client uses HTML5 and to me the Windows desktop client looks and acts exactly the same as this: [web.tweetdeck.com] (I'm using Chrome, btw) so I don't really see the point to a dedicated client. » 12/15/11 8:11am 12/15/11 8:11am

Having a star used to mean living on the website and commenting on everything. Not sure why a star is significant now (or ever was). I found this site back when Gina ran it, there were no "stars," the reader comments were straightforward and easy to read, and there was always something technologically interesting… » 10/21/11 8:59pm 10/21/11 8:59pm

My first was a Mac +. Since then I have owned 53 Apple devices (not including monitors, mice, keyboards, printers or scanners). Still have my eMate, message pad, grape iMac and few other classics. The fact that test things are still working devices is a testament to the perfect sought out by Steve and his teams. » 10/06/11 3:18pm 10/06/11 3:18pm

Any idea where I can find out about BIOS features? I'm specifically interested in a BIOS feature that Dell has which turns the computer on at a designated time. I'm not looking to buy another Dell to get this feature, though. » 8/03/11 9:43pm 8/03/11 9:43pm

For those of you they say "It isn't that bad suck it up" All I can say is you haven't worked there. Until you work there you HAVE NO IDEA what happens behind the scenes. You have no idea his situation or the other Whole Foods employees situation. Therefore you can't just say "It is just a grocery store etc.." you… » 7/26/11 8:11pm 7/26/11 8:11pm

It's not really about advertising; it's about knowing what you can afford. Ads are all around us now and sometimes you don't even really know you're watching an ad (ie, reality tv). Probably more important to be a conscious consumer than to just disregard ads altogether (nearly impossible now). » 7/25/11 1:10pm 7/25/11 1:10pm

You don't mention what kind of computer your trying to auto on/off but on Windows machines you can sometimes (i.e., Dell) turn them on automatically in the BIOS. You can then automatically power off with the AT command using the command line. I think you can also auto off using the Windows scheduler. You usually… » 7/22/11 12:54pm 7/22/11 12:54pm

I personally find a basket reduces the amount of excess, un-needed foods I might buy if I were to use a cart instead. It also encourages multiple trips, and in turn "hopefully" fresher purchases. A cart just makes it easier to load up on additional bad food items, rather than a small basket of fresh produce. » 7/20/11 6:15am 7/20/11 6:15am

This "Windows or Linux" argument is so damn old. If you have any technical proficiency, you use both (read: dual boot). Use Windows so you can control your hardware and whatever other Windows-specific things you do. Use Linux for web browsing and whatever else doesn't require Windows. » 7/16/11 1:48pm 7/16/11 1:48pm

Actually, probable cause is the standard for issuing a warrant. The police can stop a person for less than probable cause in the United States. Terry v Ohio (1968). » 7/06/11 9:31pm 7/06/11 9:31pm

Yes it does, however from my experience it merely links them on your phone, not in google contacts. So if you were to say view your contacts in gmail, they would not show up merely from the android sync. » 5/31/11 1:21pm 5/31/11 1:21pm

At about 12,000 - 15,000 songs in the library, Winamp started to slow down. As it got older, newer versions of Winamp also became more bloated, resulting in further slowing. Foobar is, hands down, better at handling large libraries. I only wish Foobar had a Linux version. » 5/24/11 9:30pm 5/24/11 9:30pm

After I accidently killed my HTC Incredible earlier in the week, I had full intentions of finally grabbing an iPhone. Unfortunately, I simply couldn't convince myself to give up Swype and Google voice. As much as I love OSX, iOS isn't quite where it should be. The only thing it really lacks is a solid syncing setup.… » 5/14/11 2:04pm 5/14/11 2:04pm

It's actually derived from BSD, which is derived from...UNIX. Basically, it's BSD with some apple sauce and a much higher price tag than BSD. » 5/11/11 7:00am 5/11/11 7:00am

If you want your computer to boot from the USB drive when it's there, move the USB drive to the top of the boot list in your BIOS. When the USB drive is not plugged into your computer, the computer should then look for the next hardware device in the BIOS list (i.e., the hard drive). » 4/29/11 8:12pm 4/29/11 8:12pm